Michael Reese Is a Keyboardist Since 1988. At this date he's playing with a NE0-Prog band called HARLEQUIN there he's also doing Backing vocals and lead vocal ( by interim) .
He was especially a huge SUPERTRAMP and GENESIS fan, and these bands added to the discovery of Marillion gives to Michael the Music Virus. Back in 1994. After collaborations with BADGE ( Rock FM), MAELSTROM ( AOR-PROG) and later VOL-DE-NUIT (FM-AOR) and multiples celtic incursions in SOLO under his own name MICHAEL REESE , he read a sci-fi Novel from french Designer Thierry Guilleminot and want to make a musical adaptation of the story. As Thierry is also a great GENESIS fan, this mark the beginning of the collaboration under the name of LONGSHOT , name taken because the precision of STARZEN the STARCOP from the LONGSHOT police. NOW longshot has done a first album in 1998 featuring the TROLL drummer MICHEL ALTMAYER and a second one released during 2002.

2006 will be the year of the LAST longshot. Its name "ARMAGEDDON", with that kind of name, we're sure this will be the LAST .